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This Program offers students practical training in the entire range of residential and light commercial building techniques including building cost. Classroom knowledge is enhanced through multiple hands-on projects.

Program Courses

Building Construction 1
Prerequisites: Strong in basic math skills. Prepare students to perform entry-level building construction task. Students will study safety practices, the proper use and care of hand and power tools, applied math, types of building materials, sketching, blueprint reading and framing, and layout of buildings. Students will receive hands-on experience while working with hand and power tools.

Building Construction 2 Honors
Prerequisite: Building Construction 1, with a grade of 70% or higher. Continues the skills and tasks learned in Building Construction 1. Students will study safety practices, cutting and figuring angles, blueprint reading and construction practices used in building. Students will receive hands on experience while working with hand and power tools.

Building Construction 3 Honors
Prerequisites: Building Construction 2, with a grade of 70% or higher. Continues the use of all safety practices, tool procedures and building task from previous courses with an emphasis on advanced building systems. Students will study additional safety practices, build wall structures, floor structures while learning to read and draw advanced blueprints.

Building Construction 4 Honors
Building construction 3 with a grade of 70% or higher. Provides students with additional experience in building construction safety, emphasis on advanced building systems, wiring and plumbing are covered with advanced hand/power tool use, and advanced design/construction including stairway construction, rafters, trim, shingles, siding, and interior and exterior finishing. Students will learn more about job skills that will help them in any career.


Job Opportunities

Drywall installer
Hanging up wallboard for different homes.

Stalling in framework in structures

Building Inspector
$49.83/hr -- $103,650/yr
Plan, direct, and coordinate multiple departments.

Construction Manager
$46.72/hr -- $97,180/yr
Plan, budget, and supervise projects from start to finish.

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